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Creating A Plan To Limit Your Tax Obligations

Successful business owners understand the long-term benefits associated with meticulous planning and record keeping. Record profits don’t materialize on their own. It takes attention and intervention to secure a high net income. If you don’t know how to minimize your income tax liabilities, however, you may not maximize your income and profits.

Overpaying tax obligations is a common mistake Texas business owners make that can be remedied with guidance. Our taxation attorneys at Webb & Webb, P.C. work with Collin County’s business operators and individuals to provide effective solutions for a range of tax issues. Each of our lawyers has more than a decade of legal experience with this practice area.

Drawing on our substantial knowledge, we customize cost-saving taxation strategies for various types of business structures across industries. Whether you are taking the first steps to establish your enterprise or are a growing company, we can advise and assist you in making key decisions with tax consequences considered. The money your company retains through tax planning can then be allocated to other investments.

Promoting Your Company’s Bottom Line

For over 30 years, our firm has advised business owners on reducing their tax obligations during the formation, development and dissolution of their entities. To conserve costs, we structure a range of transactions and agreements, including:

  • Organizing domestic entities
  • Structuring of mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and capital expansion programs
  • Designing complex operational agreements, including employee stock and equity participation and buy-sell agreements

Designing Tax Strategies For Personal Concerns

In addition to our business services, we represent individuals engaged in IRS tax disputes and disputes on the local and state level. Our estate planning attorneys help testators create estate plans that limit their tax obligations to the government. We prepare estate tax returns for clients requiring our probate services.

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