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Navigating Clients Through The Probate Process

Texas probate is recognized as a relatively straightforward affair. In certain circumstances, it is possible to avoid this process completely. If you have no experience with this undertaking, however, it is easy to make mistakes with paperwork or the timing of filings. An inheritance may be delayed or taxed inappropriately as a result.

In Collin County, the lawyers at Webb & Webb, P.C., can provide a direct assessment of available probate options. Our firm’s legal team has offered knowledgeable legal advice on the estate planning side as well as estate administration and probate matters for over 30 years.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we identify the most efficient strategy and guidance when needed during administration, including:

  • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors
  • Disbursing the estate’s debts
  • Transferring assets to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Closing accounts associated with the estate

We can also negotiate on a client’s behalf to resolve estate disputes and will contests. In many cases, our early involvement can avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

Streamlining Probate For Simple And Complex Matters

Our experienced attorneys provide counsel on the type of probate process required after reviewing the terms of the will and value of the estate. Simple procedures we facilitate include:

  • Independent administration of the estate
  • Dependent administration of the estate
  • Muniment of Title
  • The small estate process

We readily handle complex probate issues, stemming from will or trust contests. Our probate clients have benefited from the solutions we provide for intricate taxation issues such as:

  • Preparation of income and estate tax returns
  • Post-mortem planning, including qualified disclaimers

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