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Capitalizing On Your Oil And Gas Rights

The wealth Texans gain from our state’s oil and gas reserves is the envy of regions throughout the United States. It’s not only government coffers and large oil corporations that benefit from these energy resources. Individual landowners also extract prosperity from their property.

When property owners throughout Collin County seek legal advice on securing, leasing or transferring mineral rights, they contact our attorneys at Webb & Webb, P.C. Established in 1984, our Texas firm is recognized for its efficiency in handling oil and gas law matters. We can help you determine if your deed includes mineral rights or facilitate the transfer of rights in probate or otherwise.

Identifying Your Best Options For A Range Of Mineral Rights Issues

In addition to our attorneys’ oil and gas law background, we also have a significant practice in probate law. Whether you own or have inherited mineral rights, we can develop a strategy to maximize the value of your inherited rights.

Should you desire to profit from your mineral rights, our lawyers can also effectively streamline these processes. We have cultivated professional relationships with oil and gas contacts, including landmen, allowing us to identify the market value for your property.

When you consult with our attorneys, we will review documents relating to your property, including:

  • Land records
  • Oil and gas proposals
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Division orders

Upon determining your rights, we can represent you during negotiations with interested commercial parties to secure favorable bonuses and royalties on your behalf.

Contract A Recognized Plano Oil And Gas Law Attorney

Take the first step toward capitalizing on your property’s natural resources by scheduling an appointment at our firm. Please dial 469-331-0734 or message our lawyers.