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Using Wills To Guide Your Family

Most Texans are familiar with the idea that your will gives you the control over what happens to your property and money when you pass away. It is also a source of solace for many families. By determining what should happen to your property after your death, you give your family a path forward while they grieve.

These conversations are never easy. Planning for what happens after death is emotionally taxing. But, it is so important. What is the best way to start these important discussions? Speak with an experienced wills and trusts attorney.

At Webb & Webb, P.C., we combine years of experience with a deft touch. We work with clients across the Plano area to find the best way to plan for their family over the long term. Call us for legal advice. Dial 469-331-0734.

Get A Will That Suits Your Needs

A will lays out what will happen to your property and it can also establish guardianship of your children. Another benefit of having a will is to ensure that the Texas probate process goes much more smoothly.

There are some additional reasons you may want to file a will. For instance:

  • You choose who administers your estate
  • You can reduce the amount of estate taxes your family pays

We have professional estate planning lawyers who can make sure that your wishes are followed when you pass away, and update your will if and when those wishes change.

For complicated estates — involving complex investment portfolios, closely-held businesses and ranches, or farmland — our attorneys may recommend using trusts to meet clients’ estate planning goals.

Look Toward The Future

We will help answer complicated questions and ensure you feel confident making difficult legal decisions. Call or send an email to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. The first step is a case review. Then, we will detail next steps in the process.