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Expanding Your Stake In Commercial Real Estate

Drawn to Collin County’s business-friendly region, entrepreneurs have benefited from our region’s continuous influx of residents. From builders to developers to landlords to investors, adept business owners have many opportunities to expand their client base. In the race to satisfy customer demands, however, your company’s future may rely on your ability to secure the ideal location for your business or investment in commercial real estate.

Whether you are scouting a location for your business, rental property or a development, retaining our commercial real estate attorneys at Webb & Webb, P.C. before its purchase or lease is a smart investment that provides a high rate of return. For more than 30 years, our lawyers have offered straightforward legal insight on a range of business and commercial matters for building owners, contractors, property owners, land developers and operators in Texas.

Our practiced advisers streamline the transaction process, structuring the property’s purchase and performing necessary due diligence. As your advocates, we identify flaws associated with property, helping you minimize future risks and liabilities.

Guiding You Through All Stages Of The Purchase And Lease Process

Duncan Webb, our principal attorney, is Collin County’s commissioner for the 4th Precinct. His understanding of the county’s regulations helps our legal team facilitate all aspects of real estate transactions, including:

  • Performing due diligence before a purchase or lease
  • Preparing operative documents
  • Negotiating terms of the commercial lease agreement or purchase agreement
  • Leasing or purchasing a commercial property
  • Selling a commercial property

When we consult with you on your commercial real estate options, we will help you assess tax benefits and risks of the proposed real estate transaction. Each of our attorneys has over a decade of experience in the fields of accounting and taxation. Guided by this knowledge, you can be certain you are entering a lease, purchase or sale agreement understanding the long-term implications of your decisions.

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