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Protecting Your Interests With Business Contracts

When your business’s reputation and stability depend on others to complete tasks on time, it’s a thoughtfully designed contract that assures commitments are kept. Rather than relying on a verbal promise or handshake, your enforceable agreement serves your enterprise by detailing expectations for customers, vendors, employees, partners, members and shareholders.

Well-crafted documents also lessen the opportunity for future contract disputes. Negotiated on your behalf, these arrangements secure favorable terms that allow your business to thrive. Partnering with a practiced, meticulous attorney will help you obtain agreements that meet these requirements.

For over 30 years, our lawyers at Webb & Webb, P.C. have created strategic business contracts for our clients throughout the Dallas Metroplex. As one of Collin County’s Commissioners, lead attorney Duncan Webb sees and revises hundreds of contracts and agreements for Collin County. Drawing on Mr. Webb’s extensive legal and professional background, our attorneys can draft agreements that reflect your company’s objectives, structure and unique circumstances.

We ably assist owners across the spectrum of industries that flourish in Collin County’s diverse business community, such as:

Our lawyers also design aggressive contract negotiation strategies that promote your company’s long-term interests in Texas.

Designing Detailed Agreements For Various Entities And Considerations

Whether you are a sole proprietor or CEO of a corporation, we can create, negotiate and execute a range of contracts, including:

  • Customer and client agreements
  • Employment, severance and noncompete agreements
  • Asset purchase, equity participation, stock option and stock purchase agreements
  • Distribution, licensing, management and confidentiality agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of  business and commercial legal practices, we also have significant tax experience that we rely on when advising you. As a result, we design contracts to maximize your profitability. This value-added service limits your overpayment to local, state and federal agencies, freeing up financial resources for other transactions.

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