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Using Transactions To Strengthen Your Business

If your company seeks to maintain its edge in Collin County’s competitive business community, you have to engage proactively. CEOs and presidents of successful entities with little incentive to innovate lose relevance and market share. It is dynamic companies that adapt to economic trends that continue to engage their customers.

Business transactions allow these changes to occur. Whether your Texas business needs to adjust its business model, reorganize or formalize ties with customers and vendors, taking legal action helps you achieve your objective. When your business’s viability relies on your ability to negotiate contracts, restructure or secure funding, retaining an experienced business transaction attorney is vital.

For over three decades, our lawyers at Webb & Webb, P.C. have supervised a range of business transactions for Collin County’s proprietors. When you hire our practice, you gain access to our lawyers’ professional insight.

As a Collin County Commissioner, our lead attorney, Duncan Webb, is well-informed of the county’s policies and procedures. All of our lawyers have over a decade of business transactions and federal and state taxation experience. Informed by our rich background, we can help your company expand while anticipating conflicts that may arise in the future.

Facilitating Transactions For A Range Of Matters

We skillfully guide our clients through the procedures necessary to complete a variety of transactions, including:

  • Designing and executing contracts such as customer agreements, vendor contracts, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreement and asset purchase agreements
  • Creating and negotiating employment and compensation plans
  • Reorganizing business entities
  • Dissolving and liquidating business entities
  • Supervising stock splits and dividend payments
  • Drafting and negotiating documents related to acquisitions and dispositions

Current with IRS, federal, state and county regulations, our attorneys can develop a legal strategy that helps you structure your transaction to avoid excessive tax liabilities and obtain effective results.

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Conveniently located in Plano, our firm serves businesses throughout Collin County. We invite you to schedule an appointment via phone at 469-331-0734 or via our online intake form.