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Addressing employment litigation as a business owner

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Business Law, Commercial Litigation

Regardless of your company’s size, it is crucial to handle legal disputes carefully. Some types of litigation, such as those involving discrimination and sexual harassment, can prove especially challenging. Employment litigation can surface for a variety of reasons, from alleged wage and hour violations to discrimination complaints and wrongful termination.

Taking the right approach to a lawsuit involving a current or former employee is pivotal. Not only can these cases prove particularly damaging from a financial viewpoint, but they can also destroy the reputation of a business and cause other ripple effects, such as losing business partners.

Examples of employment litigation

The U.S. Department of Justice covers some of the different types of employment discrimination cases. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of an employee’s religious views, sex, race, color and national origin. It is also important to understand that this covers job applicants.

Some discrimination cases involve alleged adverse actions due to an employee’s race, sex or some other unlawful reason. Alleged wrongful termination, denied promotions and relentless harassment can also lead to litigation.

Working through an employment litigation case

If one of your staff members or a group of employees has decided to take action over allegations involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violations or any other facet of employment law, it is imperative to closely inspect the details of the incident(s) and gather evidence.

You might have the opportunity to resolve the issue amicably outside of the courtroom. That said, litigation is unavoidable in some instances, and it is extremely important to understand your options.