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Financing a new business with the Small Business Administration

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Business Law

Texans who are planning start a business will need to understand the basics. Of course, there will need to be a product or service they believe will be marketable. Even with the best ideas, there are obstacles that must be overcome. One of the key challenges is securing sufficient financing to get the business off the ground. This can cover startup costs, equipment, establishing a location, advertising and more. While there are many state and federal options to secure funding, one of the most commonly used services is the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). To have a strong foundation from the start, it might benefit to know how it works.

Key points about getting funding from the SBA

The SBA does not provide the loan itself. What it does is help with loan programs for a small business. The participants are the business owner or owners, the lender and the SBA. A portion of the loan provided by a lender will be guaranteed by the SBA. The lenders can range from banks, community lenders or a credit union. A mistake that prospective recipients of an SBA loan often make is not being completely prepared with all the necessary information to give them a good chance at getting help from the SBA.

There is no checklist that must be completed for the SBA to become involved, but there are certain basics that must be in place. If, for example, there is no clear and detailed calculation for how the business will profit sufficiently to pay back a loan, then the SBA will likely not get involved. Crafting a business plan, showing the skills inherent to making the business work, having some form of funding, proving there is collateral, showing there is investment equity and more are crucial. The SBA will want to see why the loan is necessary, if there is a market for the business, past information for a business that is already operating and personal financial information of the recipients of the loan.

For business matters, having professional assistance is imperative from the start

Commonly, the main holdup for businesses to get started or to grow is a lack of funding. The federal government is willing to help toward that end through the SBA. Still, it is not an automatic process and people need know the principles of business law. To get the necessary financing, it is wise to have guidance with all the available avenues whether that is the SBA or an alternative. Having assistance is essential and may help with having a good chance at success.